Working together, for 10 days at the beginning of January, the team prefabricated several elements of the design in advance of the site fabrication. The components included: the assembly and integration of the cable loops into the fabric, the cutting of the steel cables and the assembly of the cable structure.

Work was done in the FABLab, as well as in the largest room available in the Faculty – the main Centerspace of the John A. Russell building; where a tarp was laid down to accommodate the flat assembly of the steel cable system and the connection to the fabric.

The fabric panels were pre-sewn by a manufacturer in the city. The fabric was then laid out flat in order to locate and position the holes through which the upper cable and lower cable structures would connect. The 8” diameter holes were reinforced with steel cable loops sewn into place. The second component was the fabrication of the cable net. This included the cutting of specific lengths of cable, crimping the sleeves and finishing the ends with thimble loops. These lengths were then joined together at specific locations with a quick link. The intention behind the prefabricated cable net structure was to create a system in which the length of the individual cable links were fixed, therefore having the advantage of being relatively easy to assemble and erect on site. Due to the possibility of errors in the calculations and manufacture, and the desire to tension the net properly, a number of turnbuckles were also incorporated in specific locations, enabling the length of some of the cables to be adjusted on site.

The fabric and the cable net were connected together with small u-clamps to create the Fabrigami structure, prefabricated and ready to head out to the site.

FABRIGAMI_14_WH2016 (1)FABRIGAMI_12_WH2016 (1)9 Kim_Collaboration (1)8 Kim_Collaboration (1)


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