About the Project

The 2016 Faculty of Architecture Warming Hut for the University of Manitoba is a multi-disciplinary research project that seeks to explore the potential use of the built and natural environment to shape a temporary structure for the frozen river trail of the Forks in Winnipeg. This project is led by Associate Professor Lancelot Coar (Department of Architecture), Instructor Kim Wiese (Environmental Design), and Jason Hare (FABLab) and will examine how the digital and physical realms of parametric design and construction can produce a unique high-tensioned cable formed fabric and ice structure at a large scale.

The team of this project includes the participation of students from across the Faculty of Architecture as well as Assistant Professor Caitlin Mueller from the Digital Structures Research Group at MIT, and Professor Lars De Laet with æLab at Vrije University.

This blog documents the design, fabrication and construction phases of this project leading up to the construction date in late January 2016.